cantate-2008.jpgGod has always done the right thing at the right time. Maybe we have wanted Him to act in a different manner or on a different schedule, but in His infinite wisdom He always has and will always know the best way and the right moment to communicate to us concerning our individual needs. And God also has a time for us to respond to Him, to commit to Him, and to serve Him.
May the Lord bless you as you believe and proclaim that it is ...
... "your time to trust in Him as Savior
... your time to follow Him as Lord
... your time to hear His call to go into the world;
and be a witness in His name!"
- Phillip Landgrave - foreword "At The Right Time"-
Voor de foto's van deze cantate, gezongen door het koor 'Deo Gloria' olv. dhr. R. Soetanto op zaterdag 7 juni 2008 te Den Haag, klik hier.
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